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Mar 27


Jo Yardley listens to Marlene Dietrich on a hand crank gramophone because she lives in Weimar era Germany and electricity is rather scarce: oh yes, although Frau Yardley lives in Amsterdam, her house is decorated with original furniture and accessories from the 1920ties and German magazines from the Interbellum Period are everywhere.

But Yardley, who is a historical consultant for film, TV and museums has done much more than opting out of microwaves, cell-phone and TV usage: inside the virtual world of Second Life, Yardley rebuilt a Berlin that is long gone, a Berlin, where ehrenwerte Damen sport cigarette-holders and gallant Herren are seen in three-piece suits rather than blue jeans. 

This digital Berlin is home to the affluent who dance wide eyes shut straight through the roaring Twenties at the Hotel Adlon as well as the orphaned street children, begging for a few Mark to get through the day. 1920sBerlin in Second Life operates 24/7 and is complete with accurate signage, a functioning Zeppelin and a steam-engine Reichsbahn…so: let’s take a trip back in time!

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Feb 15

Fay Grim: [Glaring at Henry, while taking their 5 year old son, Ned, from the bar where Henry took him] Ned, have you been drinking?

Henry Fool: His throat hurt from smoking.

[Fay punches Henry in the gut, hard] —

IMDb Quotes: Henry Fool (1997)

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Nov 19
(via Kinekt Design

(via Kinekt Design


Nov 15

Oct 8
Pas De Dieux by High & Mighty Beer Company. A local saison.

Pas De Dieux by High & Mighty Beer Company. A local saison.

Oct 1
“[On getting her first period at 10] I knew from commercials that one’s menstrual period was a blue liquid that you poured like laundry detergent onto maxi-pads to test their absorbency. This wasn’t blue, so I ignored it for a few hours.” IMDb Quotes: Tina Fey

Sep 17
knit by sp.sullivan on Flickr.

knit by sp.sullivan on Flickr.

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Kentucky Bourbon Stout

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